Rich Beef Stock

In this video, Executive Chef Daniel Johnston demonstrates how to create a rich and hearty beef stock from scratch; using roasted beef bones, caramelised vegetables and herbs.


Preparing the ingredients

So we are going to start by roasting our beef bones first. Pop them into a tray – no oil is required here. Place them into a really hot oven set at 220°C (430°F) for 40 minutes until caramelised.

Next we are going to roast off our vegetables. Starting with a little drizzle of olive oil in the bottom of the pan, tip the vegetables in. You will want to add in diced carrots, celery, and some brown onion. Ensure these are evenly distributed in the pan. Finally we want to add a little bit of tomato past in there before we roast them – this helps them get a nice caramelisation on them. Pop them in the oven with the bones, but they will only need around 20 minutes.

Preparing the beef stock

As you will see after roasting the bones and the vegetables, they will all be nice and caramelised evenly.

You will now need some thyme sprigs, bay leaves and peppercorns.

Start by adding the bones into a very large pot.

Cover the bones with cold water – it has to be cold water.

Now we add the thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns and the vegetables.

Put that on to a high-medium heat, and bring it up to a boil. Once boiling, you need to bring it down to a low heat to simmer. We will let this simmer away for around 6 to 8 hours. This allows us to extract the maximum amount of flavour from the beef bones, herbs and vegetables into the water.

Important note: if you think the water is reducing too much, you can add a bit more water to top it up. We aren’t trying to make a sauce out of this just yet, we are extracting all that flavour from the ingredients.

Finishing the stock

Now that the stock has been simmering away for at least 6-7 hours, remove the big chunky beef bones before pouring it out – this saves on any potential mess.

Pour the stock through a sieve which has been lined with some cheesecloth. This catches any of the extra bits and pieces left over.

Using a funnel, pour it into a container. I have used glass jugs/pitchers – but you can use whatever is handy for you.

Refrigerate immediately after pouring into a container.

Stay tuned for some ways in which we will use this hearty stock in upcoming recipes.