What is a Cube Roll?

What’s in a name… a steak by any other name would taste as sweet…

Cube Roll steaks are also known as Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye.

Originating from the side of the backbone, Cube Roll fillets are extremely popular, offering tender meat and a rich, intense flavour.

Here is a quick overview of the delicious cuts that hail from the Cube Roll:

  • Scotch fillet steak – great for pan fry or BBQ
  • Scotch fillet roast – roast for a special occasion or slice into steaks
  • Rolled rib beef roast – roast in a hot oven
  • Standing rib roast – best cooked in a hot oven to no more than medium or sliced into steaks for BBQ
  • OP Rib / Rib on the bone – (remove the bone and you have yourself a scotch fillet) best cooked on a BBQ or seared on a grill and finished in an oven
  • Tomahawk – same as the OP Rib with an extended bone length

Cube Roll / Scotch Fillet – is one of the most versatile cuts of beef you can use in the home kitchen.