Yardstick wins the 2019 Regatta Hotel Beef Off

Yardstick has topped the field at the 2019 Regatta Hotel Beef Off. This is the third year the brand has taken out the top prize. Yardstick was judged against 4 other well known beef brands in Australia and criteria was taste, tenderness, juiciness and overall liking. 

The judges were nearly 200 beef industry representatives and meat enthusiasts who paid for a spot to be at the table.  

With a blind taste testing of each dish, guests voted to determine the best cooked sirloin and winner of the Beef Off Plaque.

The result demonstrates the Yardstick product which has been developed over the past 40 years still ranks highly due to continual improvements through customer feedback. The beef is enjoyed in markets all around the world and has consistent supply 12 months of the year.