JBS Australia is committed to the long-term sustainability of our people, our business and our planet. The food we supply feeds millions of people each year all around the world. As part of one of the world’s largest food businesses, we strive to operate our business within a positive ESG framework; developing and investing in new innovation and technologies to reach our target of net zero emissions by 2040.

JBS demonstrates leadership in the impact that our operations, products and supply chains have on the planet. Our sustainability focus areas are:


• Net zero emissions by 2040

• Eliminating deforestation

• Using 100% renewable electricity in our facilities

• Reducing livestock methane emissions within our supply chains

• JBS Australia is committed to responsibly helping to meet the global challenge of feeding a growing population by improving the efficiency of our operations and minimising our environmental footprint.


• Team Member Health and Safety: We are focused on providing a safe and well-managed workplace that enables our team members to thrive and have better futures.

• Customers and Consumers (product quality): JBS Australia produces safe, nutritious, healthy, high-quality food products that are enjoyed by consumers around the globe.

• Animal Care: Ensuring the well-being of the livestock under our care is an uncompromising commitment at JBS Australia. We continually strive to improve our welfare efforts through new technologies and the implementation of standards that meet and exceed regulatory requirements and industry guidelines.


• Communities: We continue to dedicate our time and resources to the well-being of communities in which we operate by providing gainful employment opportunities and participating in volunteerism, donations and sponsorships.

• Supply chains: We work in partnership with thousands of suppliers to ensure the highest quality inputs. As part of our efforts to minimise impacts in the supply chain, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that suppliers meet or exceed our high standards when conducting business with JBS Australia.